Racing Club Founder & Manager

Claire is responsible for the smooth running of the Club and is always ready to answer any questions and welcome new members. Wherever possible she attends the race meetings when the Club horses are running and will keep Members up to date with regular news updates in the members area of the website.

Claire is also very much hands-on with the running of Brian Ellison Racing, assisting Brian with the day-to-day running of a busy racing yard. And it is Claire and Brian who are up at the crack of dawn every day to feed their 100 plus horses breakfast. Whether it’s confirming declarations at deadline or cooking breakfast for visiting owners in their warm and welcoming spacious kitchen, Claire is constantly involved.

  • Birthplace: Consett, Co. Durham
  • When did you start work at Spring Cottage Stables? April 2001
  • Favourite Horse/s: It’s like having children, you can’t have favourites but outside of ours: Best Mate, Makybe Diva, Black Caviar and the awesome Frankel – they all gave me goosebumps!
  • Likes: Food, Christmas, Hugs from the grandkids
  • Dislikes: smell of cigarettes, small children walking down a road behind the adult or the adult not watching
  • Superstitions? Single magpie, Breaking mirrors, Walking under ladders
  • Hobbies: Martial Arts, Gardening, Cooking
  • Favourite Film: Cinderella Man (same as Brian)
  • TV: Any wildlife program, The New Dallas, Mr Selfridge
  • Music: Any 80’s Food: Everything except sauerkraut, marmalade & jellied eels


Assistant Trainer

Jessica is Brian’s stepdaughter and was brought up around the horses. She is hard working, dedicated, reliable and conscientious and from a very young age has been assisting Brian with the training of the horses. She takes over the reins in Brian’s absence and does a cracking job.

  • Birthplace: Consett, Co. Durham
  • When did you start work at Spring Cottage Stables? 2008
  • Favourite Horse/s: Pendragon, Baraweez, Titus Titan, Top Notch Tonto
  • Likes: My job
  • Dislikes: Disorganisation
  • Superstitions? Single Magpies
  • Hobbies: Don’t have time
  • Favourite Film: Secretariat
    TV: The Soaps
    Music: All Music
    Food: Steak and mash with peppercorn sauce


Head Girl

Laura joined the team in January 2014 and is reliable, conscientious and dedicated. Laura was promoted to Head Girl in October 2016 and does a great job. She also holds an  Amateur Riders Licence.

  • Birthplace: Beverley
  • When did you start work at Spring Cottage Stables? January 2014
  • Favourite Horse/sWebbow, Top Of The Glas, Vodka Wells, Baraweez, Silver Glaze
  • Likes: My job, race-riding, Been happy, pleasing people, having fun!
  • Dislikes: Creepy crawleys, Lazy people, Fighting
  • Superstitions? Black cats, Magpies, Ladders
  • Hobbies: Keeping fit, Zumba, Socialising
  • Favourite Film: Fifty Shades Of Grey, Dumb And Dumber, War Horse, Twilight, Hunger Games
    TV: Jeremy Kyle, Hollyoaks, The 100, Talent shows
    Music: All Music
    Food: Roast dinner, Steak, Cheese


Travelling Head Lad

Andy has been with us since November 2004 and is like part of the furniture! A familiar face at the races, he’s responsible, reliable and completely professional. His horses are turned out immaculately at the track and we have lost count of how many best-turned out prizes he has won! He puts in numerous hours travelling up and down the country and also travelled to Australia with our runners in 2006 and 2011.

When he’s not away racing he rides out and takes care of the racing tack and colours. 

  • Birthplace: Hull
  • When did you start work at Spring Cottage Stables? November 2004
  • Favourite Horse/s: Saptapadi, Baraweez, Tilt, Carte Diamond, Top Notch Tonto
  • Likes: Going to the pub!
  • Dislikes: Poor time keepers
  • Superstitions? Always salute single magpies
  • Hobbies: None
  • Favourite Film: Wolf Of Wall Street, American Sniper
  • TV: Soaps
  • Music: Anything from late 90’s to recent charts
  • Food: Roast dinner, KFC



Office Manager

Mandy worked for us for five months during the 2014/15 winter and, following a short break, started back working full time in the office in July 2015. Mandy oversees the day-to-day running of the office including Decs & Entries and all correspondence in relation to horse racing in addition to all accounts and wages and everything in between!

Very professional with a great attitude, she is highly experienced in the running of a busy racing office and is an adept multi-tasker. She is more than likely the friendly voice on the end of the phone and keeps our office stocked up with cakes and chocolate!! Her talents by no means end there though and if anyone has a query Mandy is the person to contact.

  • Birthplace: Westow
  • When did you start work at Spring Cottage Stables? July 2015
  • Favourite Horse/s: Top Notch Tonto
  • Likes: Pimms
  • Dislikes: Cruelty to animals, cups of Tea
  • Superstitions? Go out of the same door as you came in, Walking under ladders, Touch wood
  • Hobbies: Watching my daughter Emma & her horses compete, help look after the horses, Dog walking
  • Favourite Film: Pretty Woman, Mrs Doubtfire
  • TV: Hollyoaks
  • Music: Ed Sheeran, Rod Stewart
  • Food: Gammon, cakes and more cakes!


Website Management/Photography

Sal joined us in February 2015 initially as our website editor and stable photographer, updating our website daily with the latest news and photos from the yard and gallops. In August 2016 until June 2021 Sal helped Mandy in the office but now works mostly from home.

Sal is currently working on bringing our Racing Club website up to date and will continue to update that too.

  • Birthplace: York
  • When did you start work at Spring Cottage Stables? February 2015
  • Favourite Horse/s: George Washington
  • Likes: Laughing, Sun, Coffee, Formula 1
  • Dislikes: Bad manners, Bad atmospheres, Invasion of personal space, Cold Weather
  • Superstitions? Saluting single magpies, Breaking mirrors, New Moon through glass, Touching wood
  • Hobbies: Reading – Crime Psychological Thrillers
  • Favourite Film: Identity Thief, American Sniper, Furious 7
    TV: US Crime Dramas
    Music: Green Day, Garth Brooks, Charts
    Food: Caesar salad


Yard Manager

Ally has been with us since March 2007. Ally takes care of the horses in the open-air stables and does a fantastic job. She loves the horses and misses nothing!

  • Birthplace: Norton On Derwent
  • When did you start work at Spring Cottage Stables? March 2007
  • Favourite Horse/s: I love them all!
  • Likes: My Family, they are very important to me, my horses and my dog
  • Dislikes: People telling lies
  • Superstitions? Everything including never bet on horses I look after
  • Hobbies: My horse Global Village and my Rottweiler, Princess
  • Favourite Film: Black Beauty
  • TV: NCIS, Two and a Half Men
  • Music: Rock Music
  • Food: Pasta’s – Lasagne & Bolognese